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Grayson Hofferber

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Grayson grew up in a small town in the Texas panhandle with a single mother, who instilled in him the values he carries with him today. He developed an outstanding work ethic and strong family values without ever forgetting where he came from. With an emphasis on honesty, transparency and community, Grayson lives a principled life while impressing upon his family those same values his mother taught him. 

After visiting Colorado many times vacationing with family and camping trips while in the Boy Scouts, Grayson fell in love with the awesome beauty God created for us here.  In 2015, Grayson moved to Broomfield and has lived in Ward 5 since 2016, first in the Trails at Westlake and in 2018 found his forever home in the Vista Highlands with his wife, Claire and their three children.

Committed to Broomfield

Grayson’s commitment to the Broomfield community is so strong, that in 2017 Grayson decided to run for City Council for Ward 5 without any campaign contributions; he and Claire funded the entire campaign out of their own pocket. They made up for the donations with their efforts, meeting with various groups and individuals within the community to understand the needs of Broomfield. While Grayson was not elected, he learned a great deal about Broomfield and how to make an impact. Now, in 2021, he’s even more committed, passionate and knowledgeable about the unique leader that Ward 5 needs as the community experiences challenges such as significant and quick growth; the need to uphold our commitment to open space goals; balancing business and residential growth; affordable housing; job opportunities; the impact of fracking.

Small Business Owner

Grayson is a financial planner and owns Millennial Wealth Management, a financial planning and investment management firm dedicated to helping millennials, with clients of all ages in different phases of life. The firm was founded back in 2016 with an idea and some savings as a one-man shop. Today Millennial Wealth Management has grown to a team of  five and serves not only clients in the Broomfield area, but also clients in five additional states. Grayson has been in the financial industry for more than a decade and has helped many families plan for and successfully reach their financial goals.  He has been featured in many different publications such as "Business Insider", "Vice", and "Financial Advisor Magazine," to name a few.


Grayson and his family are heavily invested in supporting this great community in any way possible. Whether through volunteerism, charitable giving or serving in leadership roles, the Hofferbers are committed to helping our neighbors as well as others find ways to give back. Grayson has served as Chairman for the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce as well as the Chairman for the Board of Equalization for the CCOB. Claire, currently serves as a Director on the Broomfield Community Foundation Board and has been an ambassador for 3W Races – a local racing organization committed to community organizations – for nine years. Their whole family gets out regularly to volunteer throughout the year with various organizations.



The small-town traditions and charm as well access to big city amenities are just a couple of the things that make Broomfield an attractive location for families to call home. As Broomfield turns 60 years old from its incorporation as a city in 1961, one of our main goals for this community is to ensure prosperity for our families and business community alike. As a business owner, father, and husband, Grayson understands the delicate balance of being a leader and an advocate. Broomfield is growing rapidly and that means development will continue to be a big part of our community's future for some time to come. We need leaders who understand the needs of local businesses as well as the family-centric amenities and tight-knit, supportive community that make Broomfield so special. That means we will need to be mindful of our long-term financial position, the importance of protecting our open space and common areas, and keeping our residents' health and safety top of mind. 

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