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Letters to the Editor - A unified Broomfield requires new leadership

A unified Broomfield requires new leadership

A recent letter to the editor suggested that Broomfield needs to be kept whole. I couldn’t agree more.

Unifying Broomfield takes more than arguing for lines drawn on a political map. Unifying Broomfield is about a community where we all truly care about each other, and where our elected officials represent all 75,000 Broomfield citizens, not a small number of outspoken and politically motivated players.

A unified Broomfield is one where businesses are welcome here. Yet, the recent openings of Chick-Fil-A and Bank of America in Broomfield were not celebrated. Instead, appointed interim Mayor Guyleen Castriotta and City Council candidate James Marsh-Holschen called to stop businesses like these, businesses they do not agree with, from even coming to Broomfield.

A unified Broomfield is one where citizens are truly involved in the discussions on pressing issues like homelessness that face our community. Yet, recent public meetings by our elected and appointed officials have downplayed the true issue of public safety. Appointed councilmember and City Council candidate Todd Cohen championed an ill-conceived approach to bring fenced homeless tent cities to Broomfield, the mere suggestion of which shows a lack of compassion for those who are most vulnerable among us. Thankfully, the proposal was met by a strong rebuke from our community.

A unified Broomfield is one where discussions on the use of our tax dollars and government borrowing and spending should be welcomed. Yet, at a July 19, 2021 study session, where citizens dared to indicate their concerns with the city accepting and using of ARPA funds, appointed interim Mayor Castriotta called one of our fellow citizen a “hooligan” and had him removed from the meeting.

A unified Broomfield is one where our elected officials represent Broomfield with reverence and respect. Yet, earlier this year, current councilmember and candidate Deven Shaff publicly attacked Adams County Coroner Monica Broncucia-Jordan for political reasons and put key city services at risk. Mr. Shaff’s actions requiring former Mayor Pat Quinn to apologize to Coroner Broncucia-Jordan to retain the coroner services and save Broomfield from further embarrassment.

These are just a few examples of the current City Council demonstrating that they are not about “keeping Broomfield whole.” Instead, they are motivated by political agendas and shaping Broomfield to their image.

This November, you have the opportunity to vote for new leadership on the Broomfield City Council. Please vote for Kimberly Groom (Mayor), Chriss Hammerschmidt (Ward 1), Brent Hultman (Ward 2), Brian Peotter (Ward 3), Mindy Quiachon (Ward 4) and Grayson Hofferber (Ward 5) as they truly reflect Broomfield. These are moms and dads, entrepreneurs and business leaders, and, most importantly, fellow citizens who will serve Broomfield with honor, dignity and respect.

We do indeed deserve a unified Broomfield. It is time for a change in the City Council where citizenship, steward leadership, and truly listening and working together towards what’s best for our entire community is once again a priority.

Rick Fernandez Broomfield Heights

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