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Yellow Scene Election Guide 2021

Broomfield | City Council (Ward 5)

Grayson Hofferber

Background: Grayson is a small business owner that moved to Broomfield in 2015, ran for City Council in 2017, and was the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Board of Equalization.

Infrastructure and Transportation: The biggest challenge will be two-fold. First, making sure our transportation access is multimodal. We’re [also] going to have to continue to be ahead of the curve in terms of thinking about what future transportation looks like, especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

Housing: [One of the biggest issues is] making sure that the city and county have the vision and the planning necessary to zone specifically for smaller footprint housing… and allowing for our builders to bring forward these projects in a way that’s timely and cost-effective.

Economic Growth: The biggest thing that we can do is provide market competition for wages. Bringing good commercial projects… that are going to provide high-paying jobs will set the market tone for businesses to continue to pay above a fair market wage.

DEI: Our role as policymakers here, locally, is to make sure that we provide equal opportunity for all of our residents. [We need] to make sure that we are setting a level playing field in the policies that we create.

CRT: Critical Race Theory at its core is not appropriate for our school-age children. I do think it is the role of families and parents to raise their children in such a way that their children grow to embrace differences.

Final Remarks: My goal is to have a more moderated voice on City Council, making sure that differences of opinion are met and understood with the idea that we need to have compromise.

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